Nochiola: los favoritos de mamá

Nochiola: Mom's Favorites

Photo: Ines Willis

We talked to some moms who are frequent Nochiola customers so they could tell us why they buy our healthy snacks, which ones are their favorites and how they like to eat them. This is a small detail for them. Congratulations moms!

SONIA ANAYA (mother of a child)

What are your favorite snacks?
Chia, beet and date churritos with walnuts.
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What is your favorite way to eat them?
"I love churritos with chia because I put sauces on them according to my whim, sometimes Valentina, sometimes Mega sauce, and I can always share them with Bruno (my son). Those are my TOP 1. I also love beets, I put that in the table as a snack before lunch for Bruno and José to eat. And I bring the dates with walnuts in my bag in the middle of the afternoon. I eat some and give them to my son with a piece of fruit when we go to the park. We love them. - Sonia Anaya.

ADRIANA ZORRILLA (mother of three youngsters)

What are your favorite Nochiola snacks?
"I can't stop eating any of the fruits that Nochiola makes, especially those with chilito" -Adriana Zorrilla

JULIETA MENA (mother of three youngsters)

What are your favorite Nochiola snacks and what is your favorite way to eat them?
"My favorite Nochiola products are dehydrated vegetables and I love decorating my pies with the date mix with walnuts" - Julieta Mena

MONSERRAT VICTORIA (mother of two girls)

What are your favorite Nochiola snacks?
"All of them! But if I have to choose... jicama, beetroot and enchilado nopal. Nochiola is one of the few brands that makes me feel that I am snacking deliciously and without guilt. My daughters deplete my energy (more so in this quarantine) and the feeling of being stung by anxiety and gluttony triples. Nochiola has made me control that gluttony without an ounce more in my weight. I AM A FAN!" - Montserrat Victoria
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What is your favorite way to eat Nochiola snacks? My favorite way to eat them is on their own or with a little extra Valentina sauce.

KIKÍ ZORRILLA (4 children and 14 grandchildren)

What is your favorite way to eat Nochiola snacks?
"The truth is that what I like the most is the enchilada pineapple. The stuffed dates are a jewel. I like the pineapple itself a lot and how they do it in Nochiola is wonderful" - Kiki Zorrilla

ANILÚ MENDOZA (mother of two girls)

What are your favorite Nochiola snacks?
Chia churritos because Vale and Isa love them, and sweet potato chips.
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Why do you buy Nochiola?
"We are mega fans of Nochiola, not only me, but also my daughters. We love all the products because in addition to being super tasty, they are well made, and they are super healthy. For me they are unique because despite the fact that there are other brands and competition, those of this brand I feel are well made, with the best ingredients and focused on health. I can recommend them with my eyes closed because I know the criteria that the founder has to prepare them. As if that were not enough, the packaging design and I love the brand in general because it represents a lot of freshness and good vibes" - Anilú Mendoza

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