Glosario de palabras saludables

Glossary of healthy words

We share some terms from the healthy world that can be useful if you are following a healthy diet or buying healthy products.
  1. Organic
    A term used to describe foods that are produced without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

  2. boost
    In English it is known as a charge of energy, that is why we sometimes use it to describe something that will recharge us with energy.

  3. keto
    Ketosis or ketogenic diet have taken great boom. The word keto is short for the well-known ketogenic diet, which is simply any regimen high enough in fat and low enough in carbohydrates to trigger the body into ketosis.

  4. Alkaline
    Adjective used to define certain elements or chemical compounds capable of neutralizing acids and their effects. ... The alkalinity of a substance, that is, its ability to neutralize an acid, is expressed by the pH, as is the acidity.

  5. Twist
    It refers to the substitution or transformation of something. Kind of like turning something around. An example is when we eat not-so-healthy foods that we give a twist by adding less sugar or ingredients that in high quantities may not be as beneficial.

  6. Dehydrated
    It is a way of losing water that composes it. An example is our dehydrated products that, to be preserved naturally, are dehydrated.

  7. Snack
    It is a way of talking about snacks that are consumed in English that has become popular in our country.

What other words are you interested in knowing?

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