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We know you miss traveling as much as we do. That's why we want you to give yourself a break from day to day with these options to make the most of #Staycation. On the list are destinations you can reach by bike or car, a hotel and an open-air restaurant. Choose your favorite and enjoy clearing your mind with these mini vacations.

1.- Bravo Valley
Just a few hours away from Mexico City is Valle de Bravo, a destination that is considered a magical town because it has many activities that you can do outdoors. You can start with relaxed activities like a walk through the cobbled streets or dare to something more extreme like paragliding from Cerro de la Cruz. You can also do bike tours, practice archery or move to Avándaro (half an hour from Valle) to see the famous Velo de Novia waterfall.

What Nochiola snacks to bring? Dates with walnuts and Nochiola apples to have an energy boost during your trip.

2.- North Desert
If you miss restaurant experiences as much as we do then you can't miss this open-air restaurant in the middle of the woods. It is located in Cuajimalpa and is a perfect option to get out of the everyday and eat delicious food. From the menu we recommend the Chinampa (a probiotic drink), the pickled mushrooms and the veggie hotdog.

What Nochiola snacks to bring?
Choose the Nochiola energy mix for the road.

3.- The Marchioness
A classic that never fails is La Marquesa where you can ride a motorcycle, take a horseback ride or have a barbecue outdoors. Visit La Marquesa and bring your favorite Nochiola snacks for an afternoon full of energy. Our recommendation is that you buy a kite and let it fly while you exercise playing with it during your visit

What Nochiola snacks to bring? We recommend you bring Nochiola amaranth fritters to snack on in a healthy way.

4.- The Dynamos
Los Dinamos National Park is south of the city and is an outdoor experience that all of us who live in the city should visit. That's why we recommend that you pack your bike or car and get ready for an afternoon picnic with your Nochiola snacks.

What Nochiola snacks to bring? Choose the Nochiola veggie chips and include a couple of dips in your backpack. They will help you to put together a small outdoor picnic without the need to carry plates or cutlery.

5.- Hotel Habita
If you like to swim and want to enjoy an exclusive outdoor experience, then we recommend that you stay at a Boutique hotel like Hotel Habita where, in addition to enjoying an afternoon in the pool (outdoors), you will feel super consented / or by all hotel staff.

What Nochiola snacks to bring? Choose the Nochiola coconut and pineapple to get into a tropical mood and feel like on the beach.

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