Consiente a tu piel con este ritual de skincare y face yoga

Pamper your skin with this skincare and face yoga ritual


Imagine a night of movies or series with your favorite drink, healthy Nochiola snacks and a ritual to pamper your skin. Here we tell you how.

Regina Carrión founder of @loveme.lab (a Mexican skincare brand ) taught us how to do a night routine to take care of the skin before bed.

Some rituals are daily, others (such as clay masks) are only done once a week. Find out what skincare is about and what face yoga is.

" The key to a constant skincare routine is just to find which facial products you like. That you like the smell, the sensation. That you consider your routine as a moment of connection with you, a moment of pleasure for you and that you don't see it as something heavy. It's like exercise, to be constant you must find an exercise that you like, the same with skincare products and rituals. In addition to obtaining pleasure, adapting to your age and obtaining results", he tells us regina

With these rituals you will get results naturally before jumping to the chemical or surgical.

Step by step of a skincare:

1. Hair Bomb of collagen and elastin for hair.
2. Good Hair Day, during the day and before you comb your hair. It will give you light hydration to protect your hair from the sun's rays and pollution, cigarette smoke and extreme cold. It is also light and works to prevent freezing.

“It smells like roses and coconut. But it doesn't have added fragrances," says Regina

Step by step night routine

1. Start with a Japanese double cleanse
To do it, use two elements. The first is an oil, milk or cleansing serum. That first step works to remove makeup, heavy impurities, sunscreen, sunscreen, etc.

The second step of Japanese cleaning is to use a cleansing toner responsible for removing impurities, preventing the appearance of pimples.

“In Asia it is uncommon for people to use soaps to cleanse their faces, they take more care of pampering it. They are not so invasive or aggressive”, clarifies Regina.

To continue, use a purifying and make-up remover serum with violet and sandalwood serum that capture free radicals from the skin, something like a make-up remover / anti-blemish. It is biphasic, it is not heavy.

Recommended for all skin types. If you are a teenager or pre-teen it is advisable to start with this product.

Start at the forehead with a cotton pad.

2. And to continue apply the Beauty Water is the second step of a double Japanese cleaning. Every night for a double cleanse and in the morning a cotton pad with the skin on an empty stomach. To clean all impurities and give it a "spoon effect" because it deflates a lot.

This second step serves to remove all the oily part and the rest of the remaining impurities.

Recommended for oily skin, redness, acne or blackheads.

Three anti-aging steps to take care of your skin

Apply Gipsy soul, an oil-free hyaluronic acid toner that is also a toner for the whole day. You can also use it before, during or after exercise. Or for your blender or makeup brushes when contouring .

the mask
Follow up with a clay mask. That is why it is important that you apply a toner beforehand to keep your skin hydrated.

The next step is a 100% cuddle. A mask of green clay, ceremonial gRazo green tea and eucalyptus that are a boost of antioxidants for your skin called Forever Young. When it is deactivated (powdered) it smells little but when activated (with water) it smells delicious. It is recommended for a day of pampering yourself for the neck, face and décolleté.

How to apply it?
In a container (designated only for masks) we are going to put the amount equivalent to a tablespoon of mask powder and activate with purified water or easy toner until obtaining a muddy consistency.

Let it dry and remove with one (or several) damp cottons.

These clay masks are recommended because they exfoliate the skin without being as aggressive as body scrubs.

After the mask, finish your ritual with a highly penetrating serum. The one from Love me lab is called Lumi and it contains hyluronic acid, vitamin E, rosehip and has the ability to penetrate all the layers of the skin, thus preventing the appearance of fine lines. It is oily but light.

To finish with a face yoga ritual go to our IGTV at @nochiolamx

A routine with 100% natural products with the wonder of ancient recipes adapted to discoveries and trends that are healthy for the skin.

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